A few photos

A few photos here to brighten this page up a bit!

Stagecoach In Peterborough Transbus Pointer II Dart 34537 ~ GX04EYL makes its debut on the X9 on the 26th January by working the 1005 departure to Cambridge. It also broke new ground by working into Wisbech on the 0835 Route 36 from Peterborough to Wisbech. This vehicle only worked as far as Chatteris where it was replaced by Volvo Olympian 16162 ~ R162HNK for the journey into Cambridge, because the Dart hasent got the nessercery equipment to operate the Rising Bollards in Cambridge City Center.

Here is the normal order!! 16590 ~ S590BCE arriving into Cambridge on the 1105 from Wisbech. 16590 was a cascade from Peterborough to Cowley Road depot in August 2008.

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Adam D said...

Looking good mate! Nice photos.