10/02/09 ~ A slightly bigger picture

Well today i was able to get out for a few hours, and made a few notes on the X9 operations today, along with Jamie providing a few details aswell.

And its to Jamie i owe this first report of another first for the X9 route.

Stagecoach In The Fens allocated 33299 ~R566UOT, which is unique it itself for being a UVG Urbanstar bodied Dennis Dart with a ADL Pointer II front, worked the 1240 Cambridge to Wisbech, and was in place to do the 1610 back again.

Further digging reveals this bus is most likely to have done the 0835 36 from Peterborough Queensgate to Wisbech this morning!

I took a trip to Chatteris this afternoon, and observed 16591 ~ S591BCE on the 1405 Wisbech - Cambridge.

The 1340 ex Cambridge, i travelled on from Chatteris to Wisbech, arrived at Chatteris 1502 2 late and departed ontime at 1505, formed of Olympian 16588 ~ S588BCE, and ran via Neale Wade School in March, which i wasent expecting, plus no mention of this is made in the online timetables......we still made it to Wisbech Horsefair 2 minuites after our scheduled arrival time of 1600.

16588 then formed the 1605 36 from Wisbech to Peterborough which i had also planned to go on. enroute, i passed 16212 ~ R562DRP headding into Wisbech on the 1535 36 from Peterborough. This would have then done the 1705 X9 from Wisbech to Cambridge.

The evening X7 Cambridge - March express was Alexander PS B10M 20214 ~ N214LTN.


Above - 16588 takes a well earnt rest at Peterborough Queensgate after arriving 5 mins early on the 1605 from Wisbech Horsefair.

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