16/02/09 ~ Empty Olympians

Today i travelled on 16218 from the Elm Road stop in Wisbech to the Horsefair, and then on it again to Peterborough, and both times i was the only passenger!! Until Guyhirn where we picked one soul up, and a few more in the Parnwell district of Peterborough anyways!

Jamie was intouch last night (iv been working night shift so apologies for the delay) and reported the following at the Cambridge end of things:

20531 - P531ESA was doing the 10:40 to March

16216 - R566DRP DID the 6:40 ex Long Sutton then did the 9:40 to Wisbech
16588 - S588BCE DID the 12:05 ex Wisbech and then the 14:40 to Wisbech
20917 - R917XVM DID the 14:05 ex Wisbech and then the 16.40 to Long Sutton
20114 - N214LTN DID the 15:05 ex Wisbech and then the 17:40 to Chatteris

The X7 March Express was 16213 - R563DRP. A Nice bus for a change!! (in my own view - rb)

My own personal sightings for Monday are as follows:
16218 R568DRP 1340 Cambridge - Wisbech arrived at the horsefair 3 late, then formed the 1605 36 to Peterborough leaving 1 late, with the destination stuck on stagecoach, and a paper 36 Peterborough in the window.

At the Horsefair when i arrived was 20513 - P513KSA ready to do the 1605 Wisbech - Cambridge

On route with the 36, i passed 16216 - R566DRP heading into Wisbech on the 1545 from Peterborough. This then would have gone on to do the 1705 X9 from Wisbech to Cambridge.

That will be all for now!

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