25/02/09 ~ Trident Fresh!!

Today saw the visit of 17079 - T679KPU on the 36 + X9, i saw it leaving Eye on the 1035 ex Peterborough, it then done the 1205 from Wisbech - Cambridge, where Jamie saw it arrive and depart on the 1440 back to Wisbech. Excellent stuff!!

Adam was intouch aswell to tell me that 16023 - P823GMU was on the 1340 Cambridge - Wisbech. This would have done the 1605 into Peterborough, this batch of Olympians are not too frequent on the X9.

The only thing i can add is 20856 - P856GND done the 1035 Wisbech - Peterborough

24/02/09 ~ More of the same!!

16568 sits at Wisbech Horsefair

16568 - R568DRP 1005 Wisbech - Cambridge and was at Wisbech when i returned at 1515

20568 - M478ASW 1000 arrival 2 early this is the 0740 from Cambridge, and done the 1505 to Cambridge

23/02/09 ~ Repeat Performance

16212 at Wisbech Horsefair after a 6min late arrival from Cambridge
20851 parked up out the way on Wisbech Horsefair before working the 1235 to Peterborough

20854 at Wisbech after arriving 2 mins early on the 1035 from Peterborough
Today i was about Wisbech, so for a change i was able to provide my own sightings report!!

20855 - P855GND 1035 36 Wisbech - Peterboro. Jamie informed me this done the 1740 Cambridge - Chatteris
20854 - P854GND 1035 36 Peterborough - Wisbech. Left Peterboro 8 late and got to Wisbech 2 early, Then done the 1205 X9 to Cambridge leaving at 1210
20851 - P851GND arrived at 1200 on 0940 ex Cambridge then done 1235 36 to Peterborough leaving at 1244
16212 1300 arrival of the 1040 Cambridge 6 late at 1306, then formed the 1305 back again which departed at 1312
16214 - R564DRP 1340 Cambridge - Wisbech entering Wisbech 8 late
20110 - N210LTN 1605 Wisbech - Cambridge ontime.
16212 - R562DRP then turned up on the 1540 Cambridge - Long Sutton running 13 late from March Railway Station, got held up 4 more minuites by a pair of Cross Country units!!
16590 - S590BCE done the 1755 X7 Cambridge - March express. Ta to Jamie for that

That will be all for now, Tuesday report will follow shortly

22/02/09 ~ Playing Catch Up

20110 - N210LTN departs Wisbech on the 1310 to Cambridge on Thursday 19th. Photo by Gerard Fletcher

Well, iv been a tad busy these past few days, working the night shift dont help matters, and i was away in London all day on Saturday, but i have been provided with a detailed list of Fridays goings on by Jamie, which reads as follows:

P851GND should of done the 6.40 from long sutton to Cambridge then the 9.40 from Cambridge to wisbech
M473ASW should of done the 8.05 from wisbech to Cambridge then the 10.40 from Cambridge to wisbech
M475ASW should of done the 9.05 from wisbech to Cambridge then the 11.40 from Cambridge to wisbech
N210LTN should of done the 10.05 from wisbech to Cambridge then the 12.40 from Cambridge to wisbech
M489ASW should of done the 11.05 from wisbech to Cambridge then the 13.40 from Cambridge to wisbech
P855GND should of done the 12.05 from wisbech to Cambridge then the 14.40 from Cambridge to wisbech
M473ASW done the 13.05 from wisbech to Cambridge then the 15.40 from Cambridge to long sutton
M475ASW done the 14.05 from wisbech to Cambridge then the 16.40 from Cambridge to long sutton
N210LTN should of done the 15.05 from wisbech to Cambridge

S587BCE did the 17.40 Cambridge to chatters

All the above subject to any switching at Wisbech for 36s.

On the X7 turns were M489ASW which did the 6.45 from march to Cambridge and S591BCE did the 17.55 from Cambridge to march

Thats about all for now, i am in Wisbech on Monday evening and most of tuesday so hopefully il be able to provide my own report!! Thanks to Jamie for his help so far.

19/02/08 ~ Extra! Extra!

Recieved the following from Jamie this afternoon for yesterday:

16591 - S591BCE did the 06.40 from Long Sutton and then the 9.40 to Wisbech
20531 - P531ESA did was on the 1505 arrival at Cambridge from Wisbech and then the 17.40 to Chatteris
20575 - M475ASW did the 17.55 x7 to March

19/02/09 ~ Mums the word!!

Today my mum and her freind had a day out in Ely, travelling on the 0810 ex Wisbech which provided 20513 - R513KSA they had a decent (not a word id use for 20513) ride into Ely.

It was on the way back, however that things went downhill

She travelled on the 1430 from Ely - Wisbech (1340 ex Cambridge) which turned up 20917 - R917XVM. Not a good start either way, but with the driver change over at Chatteris, a "young" guy took over, and mum and her freind are infrequent travellers, she wanted to know if buses stopped by the Post Office in Elm, but the driver, oblivious to her questions because he had his I-Pod plugged into his ears! It took her several attemps to make herself heard and when she did the driver was quite rude in his reply.

When my mums freind got the stop she wanted, my Mum herself then wanted to know if it was possiable to alight at the stop ajjecent to B&Q on the Elm Road. "I suppose it is" was the drivers reply in a "tone dripping with sarcasm"

Not the sort of tone you want to be using to infrequent (or even frequent) passengers. Needless to say, my Mum is now writting a letter of complaint to Stagecoach in Cambridge and i hope by putting this on here, some official people may take note of this chaps totaly unnessercery attitude.

18/02/09 ~ X7 Today

16218 - R568DRP done the 0650 March - Cambridge X7 express this morning, and 20568 ~ M489ASW was on the 1750 return express this evening.

17/02/09 ~ Jamies Helping Hand

Today iv only got a few sightings handed to me from Jamie whilst he was running his shop:

16025 - P825GMU did the 6:40 x9 ex long Sutton arriving in Cambridge at 9:20 then should of done the 9:40 x9 to wisbech

Tonight 20855 - P855GND did the 15:05 x9 from wisbech and then the 17:40 to Chatteris

20210 N210LTN on the evening X7 Express to March

Here is 16025 entering Cambridge.

Thanks for your sightings today Jamie

16/02/09 ~ Empty Olympians

Today i travelled on 16218 from the Elm Road stop in Wisbech to the Horsefair, and then on it again to Peterborough, and both times i was the only passenger!! Until Guyhirn where we picked one soul up, and a few more in the Parnwell district of Peterborough anyways!

Jamie was intouch last night (iv been working night shift so apologies for the delay) and reported the following at the Cambridge end of things:

20531 - P531ESA was doing the 10:40 to March

16216 - R566DRP DID the 6:40 ex Long Sutton then did the 9:40 to Wisbech
16588 - S588BCE DID the 12:05 ex Wisbech and then the 14:40 to Wisbech
20917 - R917XVM DID the 14:05 ex Wisbech and then the 16.40 to Long Sutton
20114 - N214LTN DID the 15:05 ex Wisbech and then the 17:40 to Chatteris

The X7 March Express was 16213 - R563DRP. A Nice bus for a change!! (in my own view - rb)

My own personal sightings for Monday are as follows:
16218 R568DRP 1340 Cambridge - Wisbech arrived at the horsefair 3 late, then formed the 1605 36 to Peterborough leaving 1 late, with the destination stuck on stagecoach, and a paper 36 Peterborough in the window.

At the Horsefair when i arrived was 20513 - P513KSA ready to do the 1605 Wisbech - Cambridge

On route with the 36, i passed 16216 - R566DRP heading into Wisbech on the 1545 from Peterborough. This then would have gone on to do the 1705 X9 from Wisbech to Cambridge.

That will be all for now!

14/02/09 ~ Roundabout observations

16162 entering Wisbech
16588 entering Wisbech

Being at Wisbech today, all i had to do was walk 2mins up the road onto the A47 bypass and wait patently for a X9 to pass!

I intended to view from 1000 onwards, but a late night previous ment i didnt start my observatios until 1330!!
But what i did see, is something like this:
1140 Cambridge - Wisbech was 20513 - R513KSA entering Wisbech about 6 late
1240 Cambridge - Wisbech was 16162 - R162HHK entering Wisbech 3 early and then out again on the 1505 to Cambridge
1340 Cambridge - Wisbech was 16588 - S588BCE entering Wisbech 2 late
1440 Cambridge - Wisbech was 16216 - R566DRP entering Wisbech 10 early!!
1550 Cambridge - Long Sutton was 20856 - P856GND entering Wisbech 5 early
I was going to see the 1650 Cambridge - Long Sutton, but i had other things crop up and by the time i was free again, it would have been at its destination! Doh!

There wont be a blog for tomorrow, as the X9 only runs between Cambridge and March, but a service of sorts will resume on Monday.

Enjoy your Sunday Folks!

11/12/13th Febuary ~ Slim Pickings

The above photo shows 16025 ~ P825GMU prior to working the 1535 36 to Wisbech on the 13th Feb.
Iv not been about much these past few days, but what i have seen, and been told about is as follows:
X7 Morning Express 16009 - P819GMU 1535 36 Peterborough - Wisbech & 1705 Wisbech - Cambridge was 16588 - S588BCE
20855 - P855GND 1545 Departure to Wisbech allready 5 down! (thanks Adam for this)
16025 - P825GMU 1535 36 Peterborough - Wisbec complete with 36 written on a piece of A4 flapping away in the window. Was 18 late arriving at Wisbech due to workworks at Thorney Toll.
16216 - R566DRP 1700 arrival at Wisbech from Cambridge. This was the 1440 from Cambridge smack bang ontime
20475 - M475ASW was a evening X9 to Wisbech
20533 - P533ESA was on the x7 Cambridge - March express tonight (thanks Jamie for those two)
As im now spending this weekend at Wisbech,i hope to see the majority of the X9 workings on Saturday, and a few on Monday.
Have a good weekend everyone!!

10/02/09 ~ A slightly bigger picture

Well today i was able to get out for a few hours, and made a few notes on the X9 operations today, along with Jamie providing a few details aswell.

And its to Jamie i owe this first report of another first for the X9 route.

Stagecoach In The Fens allocated 33299 ~R566UOT, which is unique it itself for being a UVG Urbanstar bodied Dennis Dart with a ADL Pointer II front, worked the 1240 Cambridge to Wisbech, and was in place to do the 1610 back again.

Further digging reveals this bus is most likely to have done the 0835 36 from Peterborough Queensgate to Wisbech this morning!

I took a trip to Chatteris this afternoon, and observed 16591 ~ S591BCE on the 1405 Wisbech - Cambridge.

The 1340 ex Cambridge, i travelled on from Chatteris to Wisbech, arrived at Chatteris 1502 2 late and departed ontime at 1505, formed of Olympian 16588 ~ S588BCE, and ran via Neale Wade School in March, which i wasent expecting, plus no mention of this is made in the online timetables......we still made it to Wisbech Horsefair 2 minuites after our scheduled arrival time of 1600.

16588 then formed the 1605 36 from Wisbech to Peterborough which i had also planned to go on. enroute, i passed 16212 ~ R562DRP headding into Wisbech on the 1535 36 from Peterborough. This would have then done the 1705 X9 from Wisbech to Cambridge.

The evening X7 Cambridge - March express was Alexander PS B10M 20214 ~ N214LTN.


Above - 16588 takes a well earnt rest at Peterborough Queensgate after arriving 5 mins early on the 1605 from Wisbech Horsefair.

09/02/09 ~ The Coach

Today, Peterborough allocated Volvo B10M Plaxton Premier 52398 - P108FRS worked the 1740 Cambridge - Chatteris. With thanks to Adam & Jamie for the info on this.

16210 - R560DRP was on both the X7 express turns today.

X7 ~ 07/02/09

With thanks to Jamie Armstrong, who informed me that 16162 ~ R162HNK provided the traction for the 0645 March - Cambridge (0810) and 1755 Cambridge - March (1918) today

The X7 runs direct Cambridge - Chatteris, avoiding Landbeach, Little Thetford and Ely to name but 3, therefor, it owns its own little place in this blog.

A few photos

A few photos here to brighten this page up a bit!

Stagecoach In Peterborough Transbus Pointer II Dart 34537 ~ GX04EYL makes its debut on the X9 on the 26th January by working the 1005 departure to Cambridge. It also broke new ground by working into Wisbech on the 0835 Route 36 from Peterborough to Wisbech. This vehicle only worked as far as Chatteris where it was replaced by Volvo Olympian 16162 ~ R162HNK for the journey into Cambridge, because the Dart hasent got the nessercery equipment to operate the Rising Bollards in Cambridge City Center.

Here is the normal order!! 16590 ~ S590BCE arriving into Cambridge on the 1105 from Wisbech. 16590 was a cascade from Peterborough to Cowley Road depot in August 2008.

It begins!

Well Hello one and all to this new venture detailing the events on Stagecoach Cambridge`s X9 Route from Cambridge - Wisbech. With 2 journeys to and from Long Sutton in morning and evenings.

Id like to stress that this blog is NOT in ANY way connected to Stagecoach, i am doing this completely off my own back as a observer, and a fan of the route.

With some help from mates, i hope to eventualy build up a day to day profile of happenings on this intresting, and useful link route between the north end of Cambridgeshire and Cambridge itself.