14/02/09 ~ Roundabout observations

16162 entering Wisbech
16588 entering Wisbech

Being at Wisbech today, all i had to do was walk 2mins up the road onto the A47 bypass and wait patently for a X9 to pass!

I intended to view from 1000 onwards, but a late night previous ment i didnt start my observatios until 1330!!
But what i did see, is something like this:
1140 Cambridge - Wisbech was 20513 - R513KSA entering Wisbech about 6 late
1240 Cambridge - Wisbech was 16162 - R162HHK entering Wisbech 3 early and then out again on the 1505 to Cambridge
1340 Cambridge - Wisbech was 16588 - S588BCE entering Wisbech 2 late
1440 Cambridge - Wisbech was 16216 - R566DRP entering Wisbech 10 early!!
1550 Cambridge - Long Sutton was 20856 - P856GND entering Wisbech 5 early
I was going to see the 1650 Cambridge - Long Sutton, but i had other things crop up and by the time i was free again, it would have been at its destination! Doh!

There wont be a blog for tomorrow, as the X9 only runs between Cambridge and March, but a service of sorts will resume on Monday.

Enjoy your Sunday Folks!

1 comment:

Adam D said...

Oh dear, not R513 KSA!
Thats the WORST B10M in the Stagecoach East fleet! All noise and no go!