The saturday just gone (27th June) saw a few unusual vehicles on the route

16010 - P810GMU which is a Huntingdon reserve vehicle done the 1140 from Cambridge and the 1305 to Cambridge, departing at 1316 after the driver had a lengthy discussion with the relief driver!!

16026 - P826GMU was on the 1240 from Cambridge, running in the region of 7 early heading into Wisbech

MAN 22331 - AE51RZK supprised me the most by doing the 1040 Cambridge - Wisbech and 1405 return. Seen bang on time going into Wisbech. If it stayed on diagram at the Cambridge end, it would have worked back on the 1640 to Long Sutton, thus starting on one of the early turns today (Monday) any confirmation welcomed, but i think its likely to have been swapped for a B10 PS or the usual Olympian.

Also seen on saturday was 16589 - S589BCE on the 1235 to Peterborough, and 16593 - S593BCE was on the 1340 Cambridge - Wisbech.

On the 39s (Wisbech - Long Sutton local) on Saturday was newly aqquired Stagecoach Peterborough ALX20 Dart 33802 - R802YUD, ex Cambridge, and used to carry an all-over-advert for Anglia Ruskin University.

Peterborough PS 20849 - P849GND was the shed for the day.

29th June - Return

Hi All

Iv decided to re-start this blog for the near future, now iv got a bit of free time on my hands, anyways!!

I cant garente frequent updates, but i will where possiable

Thanks to those that sent messages when i did suspend the blog in April, and please do send any sightings to RB60059@o2email dot com

All the best
Rob Brooks