19/02/09 ~ Mums the word!!

Today my mum and her freind had a day out in Ely, travelling on the 0810 ex Wisbech which provided 20513 - R513KSA they had a decent (not a word id use for 20513) ride into Ely.

It was on the way back, however that things went downhill

She travelled on the 1430 from Ely - Wisbech (1340 ex Cambridge) which turned up 20917 - R917XVM. Not a good start either way, but with the driver change over at Chatteris, a "young" guy took over, and mum and her freind are infrequent travellers, she wanted to know if buses stopped by the Post Office in Elm, but the driver, oblivious to her questions because he had his I-Pod plugged into his ears! It took her several attemps to make herself heard and when she did the driver was quite rude in his reply.

When my mums freind got the stop she wanted, my Mum herself then wanted to know if it was possiable to alight at the stop ajjecent to B&Q on the Elm Road. "I suppose it is" was the drivers reply in a "tone dripping with sarcasm"

Not the sort of tone you want to be using to infrequent (or even frequent) passengers. Needless to say, my Mum is now writting a letter of complaint to Stagecoach in Cambridge and i hope by putting this on here, some official people may take note of this chaps totaly unnessercery attitude.

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