Wed 23 Feb 2011

Wednesday 23 February 2011
18292 AE51 VFW 0922 March Tesco-Cambridge
18057 AE53 TZJ 1135 Cambridge-March Tesco
22304 AE51 RXZ 1022 March-Cambridge (10 late at Waterbeach)
18337 AE55 DJX 1235 Cambridge-March Tesco and 1422 March Tesco-Cambridge
22317 AE51 RYT 1122 March Tesco-Cambridge (10 late at Waterbeach)
22301 AE51 RXW 1335 Cambridge-March Tesco (12 late at Waterbeach)
22313 AE51 RYN 1022 March Tesco-Cambridge (11 late at Waterbeach)
22306 AE51 RYB 1635 Cambridge-Sutton Post Office (single decker instead of double decker)

Bus changes in April...
It would appear from what i have read on the internet today that Stagecoach have have registered some bus changes due to the lack of council funding from April, while its not yet definate what will happen it looks like the X9 will be changed to the number 9 but still run through to March but with no buses after 8pm in the evening.
At the moment the X9 runs hourly during the day, with route 9 runing hourly between Ely and Littleport but with peak morning and evening journeys to and from Cambridge.
People may be wondering whats happening with the off peak buses between Ely and Littleport that currently run as a shuttle service during the day, after the bus arrives at Ely from Cambridge on the route 12 via Newmarket it then goes to Littleport and back forming a 12 back to Cambridge.
I would guess that from April the route 12 buses from Cambridge will run all the way through to Littleport therefore allowing the March buses to become a route 9 from Cambridge without causing to much confusion.
As things currently stand there is a roughly half hourly service from Cambridge to Ely with either route 9 and X9's i suspect this may reduce to hourly from April.

These ideas above are my interpritation of what will happen and we will find out in sometime in March (the month) when the changes are offically announced how correct (or wrong!) i am.

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