Tues 25 Jan 2011

Tuesday 25 January 2011
22304 AE51 RXZ 0935 Cambridge-March Tesco
18292 AE51 VFW 0911 Sutton Post Office-Cambridge, this bus was 40 late passing through Waterbeach due to the breakdown of an unidentified Trident at Ely Market Street and awaiting a replacement from either Lancaster Way depot Ely or Cowley Road depot in Cambridge

A slightly different view of 18335 AE55 DJU picking up passengers in Waterbeach while working the 0922 March Tesco-Cambridge running about 10 late.

22306 AE51 RYB 1022 March Tesco-Cambridge (15 late at Waterbeach)
18335 AE55 DJU 1235 Cambridge-March Tesco
22309 AE51 RYF 1122 March Tesco-Cambridge
22312 AE51 RYK 1335 Cambridge-March Tesco

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