Friday 25 February 2011
I decided to head into Cambridge this afternoon for a couple of hours these are the sightings and pictures....
22302 AE51 RXX 0600 Ely-Cambridge and 1322 March Tesco-Cambridge
22305 AE51 RYA 1435 Cambridge-March Tesco

22303 AE51 RXY departs Cambridge with the 1535 to March Tesco

18336 AAE55 DJV departs Cambridge bus station with the 1635 to Sutton Post Office

18057 arrived at Cambridge with the 1422 froom March Tesco

22307 AE51 RYC departs Cambridge with the 1700 X7 Commuter Express to March

18338 worked the 1715 Cambridge to March was my bus home to Waterbeach and i past

18335 AE55 DJU with the 1522 March Tesco-Cambridge
22311 AE51 RYK was then seen in Waterbeach with the 1557 March Tesco-Cambridge

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