26-28/02/09 ~ The Past Few Days

Iv not been totaly dedicated to the upkeep of the blog for the past few days, so i apollogise for that:

On thursday, Trident 17079 was back out earning its keep on the X9 by doing the 1240 Cambridge - Wisbech and inplace for the 1505 back.

Then also it should have done the 1740 Cambridge - Chatteris. Thanks to Jamie & Adam at Cambridge for the info on this.

Friday saw 17079 AGAIN out on the X9! and Olympian 16013 - P813GMU done the 1305 Wisbech - Cambridge. Thanks to Gerard for the info on the Olympian.

Intresting times ahead for the X9. Some service changes have been registered to change the routing and timetable, when these become clear i shall update the blog.

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