14/03/09 ~ March in March

16217 passing along Station Road in March on the 0940 Cambridge - Wisbech © Rob Brooks

16210 and 16588 (furthest) await 2 Cross Country 170s to depart March before proceeding. © Rob Brooks

Today i spent the day on the trains in March, but thankfully i was also able to observe a few X9 movements.

I travelled on the 0705 from Wisbech (0640 Long Sutton - Cambridge) which produced 16217 -R567DRP and was 3 early getting to March Railway Station. I also saw this on the 0940 Cambridge - Wisbech running about 3 late.

16214 - R564DRP done the 1105 Wisbech - Cambridge, and was seen passing March Railway Station at 1132, 6 early on its scheduled time of 1138.

20210 - N210LTN done the 1505 Wisbech - Cambridge, i saw this leaving its Broard Street stop 2 mins early than its booked departure time of 1540.

16210 - R560DRP, as seen in above photograph, done the 1605 Wisbech - Cambridge, and was 6 early at the Railway Station in March, and it met fellow Olympian 16588 -S588BCE, running 5 late going the other way on the 1440 Cambridge - Wisbech, which provided my ride back to base.

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