17/03/09 ~ Tales Of A Trident

17079 at Peterborough Queensgate after arriving on the 1605 from Wisbech. © Rob Brooks

16212 [left] and X9 regular 16217 [right] at Wisbech Horsefair © Rob Brooks

Today started off with a text message from Jamie, saying ALX400 Trident 17079 - T679KPU was on the 0645 X7, and will do the 0840 X9 to Wisbech

I checked the timetables and found this would later do the 1340 from Cambridge to Wisbech, which then does the 1605 Peterborough, which id planned to go on. Superb.

17079s day, therefor goes something like this.

0645 X7 March - Cambridge
0840 X9 Cambridge - Wisbech
1105 X9 Wisbech - Cambridge
1340 X9 Cambridge - Wisbech
1605 36 Wisbech - Peterborough
1735 36 Peterborough - Wisbech

And will now, presumably, berth at Long Sutton for the night, and will do either the 0540 Long Sutton - Cambridge, 0640 Likewise, or 0640 Peterborough. If it stables elsewhere, then, to be frank, i havent a clue what itl do!!
This isint to say, however, that 17079s day went trouble free.
17079 arrived at the Horsefair at 1604, 4 late and formed 1605 Wisbech - Peterborough which departed at 1613 after a lot of high pitched screeching from the cab, including the driver checking all the emergancy exits, but still the screech continued, as far as the Horsefair roundabout, when the what I can only assume was the burglar alarm kicked in! Eventualy, the problem was sorted and we moved again 1623, now 13 late. Arrived Queensgate 1715, 15 late.

Others on the X9 today are as follows:

16217 - R567DRP 1240 Cambridge - Wisbech 3 late arriving at Wisbech Horsefair and then done the 1605 to Cambridge departing 2 late at 1607

16212 - R562DRP 1505 Wisbech - Cambridge

16213 - R563DRP 1540 Peterborough - Wisbech approaching Wisbech St Mary 1630, stuck behind a tractor, and Jamie informs me it also done the 0940 off Cambridge to Wisbech and that 20575 - M475ASW did the 17.55 x7 Express to March from Cambridge.

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