11/03/09 ~ The bus that dosent exist, but it does!

On Wedensday, i was traveling over to Wisbech as normal, and after checking the 36 timetable, i saw i could catch the 1235. Which was handy, because my 32 from Whittlesea arrived at 1230.

So i walked over to Ackland Street to see what bus id have, and 20530 was parked up, showing Wisbech 36. Not the best bus to have, but at least it was there, so over to Queensgate i went.

1235 came and went, and at 1300 i rechecks the timetable. Lo and behold the 36 at 1235 is from Wisbech! What a plonker i was!

Never mind, it gave me the chance to try out the Wedensdays only Route 390, which takes the very senic route to Wisbech, and the bus that was on it was Stagecoach In The Fens only remianing MCV Evolution bodied dart, 33311 ~ AE56MDN.

Anyways, back ontopic now, and the relevant X9 and 36 bits.:
20530 - P530ESA 1335 36 Peterborough - Wisbech. As already said, it was parked up at Ackland Street, and was then seen arriving Wisbech Horsefair at 1428, 2 mins early and empty.
16588 - S588BCE 1235 Wisbech - Peterborough arriving at Peterborough at 1332
16012 - P812GMU arrrived Wisbech Horsefair at 1504, 4 late on the 1240 from Cambridge, showing X9 Chatteris on the blind
20530 then worked the 1505 Wisbech - Cambridge.

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