We are Back!!

Yes, we are now back, After my visit to Cambridge yesterday iv decided to re-start the X9 blog.

The main blogger will be Tony Irle, living on the X9 route at Waterbeach, he is much more better placed than me to keep an eye on things. (That is until they see sense and put the route back to Wisbech!!)

To buisness then, yesterday i saw 22324 - AE51RZA depart Drummer Street at 1345, 5 late on the 1340 to March., 22308 done the X7 at 1700, and Trident 17079 - T679KPU done the 1715 to March, which for old times sake, i took to Ely. President bodied Trident 18059 was also on the X9.

17079 at Drummer Street Bus Station in Cambridge. It had arrived off a 12, and is seen repositing itself to do the 1715 X9 to March.

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