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Friday 8 October 2010

Hello all

My main aim for today was to head down to the south coast and photo stagecoach buses around Chichister and Worthing however when the alarm went off this morning i still felt tired so ended up doing an afternoon around Ely and Cambridge here are the sightings and pictures from today...

18340 AE55 DKA 0911 Sutton Post Office-Cambridge

22059 KV53 FAJ in Waterbeach with the 1035 Cambridge-March Tesco

18337 AE55 DJX 0922 March Tesco-Cambridge (12 late)
17079 T679 KPU 1135 Cambridge-March Tesco
22308 AE51 RYD 1022 March Tesco-Cambridge

18336 AE55 DJV at Ely Tesco with the 1235 Cambridge-March Tesco which i had travelled on from Waterbeach

22309 AE51 RYF is seen in Ely with the 1222 March Tesco-Cambridge

I then travelled by train to Cambridge and headed for the bus station where

I saw 18336 AE55 DJV depart Drummer Street with the 1635 Cambridge-Sutton Post Office

and then

One of Stagecoach Cambridges dual door tridents 17079 (the other being 17078) arrived at 1645 (17 late) with the 1422 March Tesco-Cambridge this turn of duty is very reliable for having a double decker on it.

After arrival this bus then went empty to Cowley Road depot and returned to work the 1715 Cambridge-Ely 12 service which i travelled on but before that...

22302 departed on time with the X7 the 1700 Cambridge-March commuter express service

18335 AE55 DJU departed at 1716 with the 1715 Cambridge-March this is one of the few direct X9 buses that runs along the A10 from Cambridge and does not run via Milton, Landbeach or Waterbeach like they used to before the afforementioned changes in February.

Then as mentioned above i defected for a bit and took the 1715 Cambridge-Ely route 12 (17079) bus to Ely via Nemarket on a route that i had not been on before, i got to Ely Tesco in time to see

22305 AE51 RYA depart on time with the 1815 Cambridge-March

I was then taken home to Waterbeach by

22304 AE51 RXZ on the 1757 March Tesco-Cambridge which was on time.

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