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Tuesday 5 October 2010
Hello eveyone as Rob mentioned below the buses on the X9 that run through Waterbeach (there are still a few that avoid Waterbeach by using the A10 direct) pass right past my front door and if there on time the March and Cambridge bound buses pass within a few minutes of each other so i am usually able to see a few buses on the route each day.
Since the main changes with the x9 no longer serving Wisbech since February timekeeping was very hit and miss with buses occasionally running up to an hour late and some not showing up at all due to various reasons mainly awaiting drivers at Ely off late bound buses with on time buses being delayed.
The main problem was that with the route been 2 hours long and only a ten minute turn round in March drivers had to changeover at Ely to allow for proper brakes to be taken.
This problem was very much reduced however at the July timetable change with the buses now continueing to March Tesco and having a 40 minute layover.

Right enough of that now the sightings from today
22312 AE51 9YK 1035 Cambridge - March Tesco
18343 AE55 DKJ 0922 March Tesco-Cambridge (15 late)
17079 T679 KPU 1135 Cambridge -March Tesco
22304 AE51 RXZ 1022 March Tesco - Cambridge
18336 AE55 DJV 1235 Cambridge -March Tesco
22324 AE51 RZA 1122 March Tesco - Cambridge
22301 AE51 RXW 1335 Cambridge - March Tesco

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