29th September - More Trident action

0645 March - Cambridge no sign in Histon by 0830......mystery!!

18292 - AE51VFW 1140 Cambridge - Wisbech
18057 - AE53TZJ 1240 Cambridge - Wisbech
16592 - S592BCE 1640 Cambridge - Wisbech

As you can see above, both 18292 and 057 were earning their keep on the X9, 292 finished its day on the 1740 to Chatteris, which in theroy then runs empty to Ely outstation, so maybe on X9 route or the 9/12 series of routes.

Im unsure what 18057s diagram is, the main trend now is to hold the bus over at Wisbech for an hour so the driver can have a break, which would have ment that it worked back on the 1605, however the bus from the 1340 (ex Cambridge) returns almost immideatly now, (as proved by me the day before with 16590) so i can assume it went empty to Long Sutton?

Il try and peice together theyre theroetical workings once iv had some sleep, all thats left to say now is thanks to Jamie A for the sightings for the 29th.


Al said...

Rob, don't know if you'll know the answer to this but I'll ask anyway. Do Cambridge drivers work as far North as Wisbech, or is there a driver change somewhere?

Adam said...

I'm not Rob, but I can answer your question. Cambridge drivers only work as far north as Chatteris to comply with EU rules.

Al said...

Thanks for that Adam.

jamie armstrong said...

x7 showed up was p824gmu the x7 legand had it 5 early doh