25th and 26th September

these photos are from Saturday 26th Sep and all copyright to Rob Brooks.

16590 - S590BCE in Elm on the 1140 from Cambridge

18057 - AE53TZJ having a rest at Wisbech Horsefair after arriving about half hour previously on the 0940 from Cambridge.

18057 departs Wisbech Horsefair on the 1805 to Long Sutton. Previously, if a Trident\President has worked the X9, it gets swapped at Chatteris with the vehicle from the 1715 from Wisbech. This didnt happen today, which adds more weight to the rumor that B10M PS vehicles are now banned from the whole X9 route.

A Good day on Saturday, 18057 made another apperence, but more unusualy i was able to see it, and even more unusualy it worked its WHOLE diagram!

First off, is Friday 25th Sightings:
Only thing to mention today is I travelled on the 1632 from March Railway
Station - Wisbech, not intentionaly, I got to the stop at 1715 and it was town
side of March East gates running 42 late due to the proceeding bus running out
of fuel on its way to Chatteris!!!! The bus was 16212 - R562DRP.

20848 - P848GND was on the 1715 Wisbech - Ely, which was 10late due to heavy
traffic getting out of Wisbech. It might turn back at Chatteris, but since its
only going to Ely then I'd imagine not.

20846 - P846GND 1030 Peterborough - Wisbech a1130 then went on to 39s
16591 - S591BCE 1105 Wisbech - Cambridge
18057 - AE53TZJ 1305 Wisbech - Cambridge & 1540 Cambridge - Wisbech then 1805 to
Long Sutton.
16218 - R568DRP 1405 Wisbech - Cambridge
16590 - S590BCE 1505 Wisbech - Cambridge

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