28th September

It was only a matter of time before this beast showed itself on the X9... 18292 - AE51VFW on the 1440 Cambridge - Wisbech running 2mins late over Station Road LC in March.

As the photo showed, 18292 made its first apperence on the X9, probaly worked something earlier in the day, but i caught it on the 1440 ex Cambridge, sadly with no LED, but this one is known for having a tempermental blind to programe. 18292 started off with Cavalier, working out of Huntingdon on 553\4\5s between Huntingdon and Cambridge before they got taken over by Stagecoach, and was soon repainted and later re-allocated to Cambridge.

Other sightings include 20849 - P849GND on the 0645 March - Cambridge X7, but later in the day this diagram had turned into 16590 - S590BCE.

16592 - S592BCE is the 1755 Cambridge - March X7. Thanks to Jamie A for the X7 obs.

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