Thusday 21st Jan

Recently, B10M PS Volvos have been making a return to the X9 route, Tony viewed an un/id one on the 1240 Cambridge - Wisbech, and 20857 on the 1205 Wisbech - Cambridge, which was also seen my Mother in Wisbech, who also saw the welcome return on Trident/Transbus President 18060 - AE53TZM to the X9 on the 1105 to Cambridge. Going back to 20857 quickly, Adam D saw this in Cambridge on Wedensday to do the 1640 to Wisbech. I do wonder if the B10PSs are out on the X9 more in Winter because its colder, and therefor there less prone to overheating? Anyone whos been on B10M vehicles, weather coach or PS form will tell you (and i can!) that these are prone to running hot, with a decent roar from the cooling fans, but anyways, i digress.

Tony also text me to say that the 9 had 16590 - S590BCE and 16022 - P822GMU on it, to name but two.

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