4th January

Todays star act, 18348 seen at Milton, photo by Jamie, who apologizes for the quality, but at least we`ve got a record of it!
An intresting day, which starts and finishes with 16218 - R568DRP being seen on the 1440 from Cambridge - Wisbech

Mum phoned up at 1310 saying 18348 - AE55DKV was just leaving Wisbech Horsefair for Cambridge, so i phoned Jamie to tell him who got a photo of it at Milton. He was able to see it come back out on the 1540, so now as i type this, should be having a well deserved rest and a cuppa at Long Sutton

Then Gerard phoned up to tell me 16589 - S589BCE left the Horsefair on the 1405, got to the Horsefair roundabout and decided to expire in a cloud of smoke. This then casted a shaddow on what would do the 1640 from Cambridge, which gets to Wisbech at 1910

Paul decided to take the dog for a walk at 1900 along Elm Road, purly coincidental, of course, and saw 16218 on the 1640 ex Cambridge.

16218 done the 1715 Wisbech - Ely, which was turned around at Chatteris, and hopefully some other vehicle done the 1640 from Cambridge up to Chatteris, but what it was is unknown, if anything. The fact 218 was turned around, leads me to think it could have been an ALX300 bodied MAN.

SO, thats that, and with the sad news that the X9 will be cut short at March from Febuary, with the X9 at Wisbech - March being replaced by Norfolk Greens new 56, which wont be intresting, therefor this blog will cease to exist from Febuary.

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