Fri 3 Dec

Friday 3 December

A trip to the dentist in Cambridge today led to me doing
22303 AE51 RXY from Waterbeach on route 9 and the 0735 from Littleport.

After the dentist i headed for Peterborough a jumped off a 55 at St Ives and ended up doing Olympian 16070 on the 21 from St Ives to Chatteris which allowed to me to catch up with a couple of X9'S

22301 AE51 RXW is seen in Chatteris at 1155 with the 1122 March Tesco to Cambridge

I then did
22305 AE51 RYA from Chatteris to March Tesco which was the 1035 from Cambridge and past
22303 AE51 RXY between Chatteris and March on the 1222 from March Tesco-Cambridge

22305 AE51 RYA stands at March Tesco waiting to work the 1322 to Cambridge

18292 AE51 VFW 1522 March Tesco-Cambridge (15 late at Ely angel drove)
18335 AE55 DJU 1635 Cambridge-Sutton Post Office
With thanks to Andy for the two sightngs above

This led to to start thinking that the X9 route now serves 3 Tesco stores Milton, Ely and March and wondered how many bus routes serve this many of a specific supermaket.

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