What About Wisbech?

Thats a question thats never been asked before, im sure!

(before you read any further, the next few sentances are my own personal views, and iv made it clear i strongly disagree with the X9 being curtailed, not just because im left worse of, but, as i found out on the 13th Feb whilst talking to some passengers, loads of others will no doubt have been majorly inconvienienced. I do, however apologise for the spelling mistakes above)

Whats happening at Wisbech now we dont have the X9? Well, as was detailed back in Feburary, Norfolk Green are currently filling the void with there cheap interpritation of the X9 they call the 56. Using 5 leased Volvo B10Ms with Alexander PS`s leased from Stagecoach as follows

701 - P848GND
702 - P847GND
703 - P656GND
704 - R513KSA
705 - R917XVM

No, i cant work out why theyre numbered that way either. Iv seen a Optare Excel on the route aswell, predicatably when iv been on a life expired B10M going the other way, but maybe these Excels will feature more after April.

Below is a photo of 702 - P847GND departing Wisbech Horsefair Bus Station on the first day of service of the 56 back on the 15th February.

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