So! Where now...???

Im pleased to say, the blog will stay running, mostly with contributions from Tony, as the X9 route has been revised to run via Waterbeach, Milton and Landbeach, as the route 9 does (or did, i havent studied the 9 timetable yet), and, very conveiently, now runs past his house!

As for things up at Wisbech end, the X9 has been, rather controversaly replaced by Norfolk Green and their 56. A blind stab at running to roughly the same times using B10M PS`s hired in from Stagecoach.

The 0605 Wisbech - March and the 1830 March - Wisbech no longer run, and connections between the X9 at March are NOT GUARENTEED!!! In my personal opinion this is all a load of rubbish now, and should never have been allowed to happen, but it has, and the timetable is subject to review in April, but at present im unaware what this might involve, but im not holding out much hope.

The B10s hired in are as follows

P847GND (702 with NG)
P848GND (701 with NG)

The latter 3 i havent seen yet so cant confirm the fleet numbers.

Anyways. Enough of my ramblings, and back to some X9/9 sightings provided by Tony for the 15th Feb

16588 - S588BCE 1335 march-cambs and 1535 return
16589 - S589BCE 1435 march-cambs
16592 - S592BCE 1635 cambs-march
16591 - S591BCE 1535 march-cambs

One route 9 sighting:
16025 - P825GMU 1705 cambs-littleport

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Adam said...

Hi Rob, P856GND is 703 in NG's fleet atm. Dunno about the others yet.