19th August - Bigger Picture

20513 departs Drummer Street on a 9 to Ely

Went down to London today via Cambridge, on the hunt for some more independant coaches and new National Express coaches, and journey down to London was on Ambassadors new 09 reg Scania Ceantano Levntes FJ09DXE, fleet 209. Very smooth and comfortable leather seats! Journey back to Wisbech was on FJ09DXC, fleet 208. Very good too.

Onto the X9 bits, got reports from Mum and Jamie today, aswell as my own, so a more borarder picture can be drawn of operations:
16590 - S590BCE 0605 Wisbech - Cambridge ontime
16217 - R567DRP 0645 March - Cambridge dep March 0651 arrived Cambridge 0800 10
16021 - P821GMU 1105 Wisbech - Cambridge
16214 - R564DRP 1205 Wisbech - Cambridge
16591 - S591BCE 1240 Cambridge - Wisbech
16588 - S588BCE at Little Thetford 1944 on the 1910 from Cambridge - Chatteris running 1 late
33395 - R355LER Wisbech - Long Sutton daytime 39s
16587 - S587BCE 12s

Thanks due then to my Mum and to Jamie A for the sightings.

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Gerardtcc said...

Hi Rob,

I think we ought to club together and do an entire days workings for the X9. That's what I did a few years ago when I was trying to work out the First X1 diagrams. What do you think ?

Regards, Gerard